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New Member

Orientation Class



  1. New Members are eligible to attend the Orientation Class after –



  • The Secretary confirms that the application process is complete.

  • The Treasurer confirms that all fees have been paid.

  • The New Member is provided (by Email or USPS Mail) a copy of the WLGC By-Laws, Range Safety Rules, Membership & Club Use Policy Manual and the Orientation Safety Quiz.


  2. West Liberty Gun Club Orientation Class One (1) Hour

(meet at the range safety officer (RSO) office) (all times approximated and may vary)


  • 15 minutes – Personal interview(s) (multiple new members may attend at the same time) Gun handling experience, additional training attended, accolades, other memberships, military or LEO training.

  • 10 minutes - WLGC By-Laws, Range Safety Rules and Membership & Club Use Policy Manual review, review the completed quiz and review areas needing more attention.

  • 25 minutes - Walk the range and go over commands, authorized target, ammunition and weapons allowed in what areas, safety review and club expectations.

  • 5 minutes – Q&A session, allow new members to ask questions.

  • 5 minutes – sign any documents not yet completed.


  3. Welcome the new members to the West Liberty Gun Club Inc.

Safety First, Last, and Always


  • Issue the Gate Key Card(s).

  • Explain to the New Member about events, matches and where they can find more details on the website.

(Updated 10/2020)

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