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West Liberty Gun Club Inc.

                                                            Membership Application


 Membership in the West Liberty Gun Club is yearly (Oct 1 - Sept 30) and all dues shall be paid by October 31st of each year. New Members joining after November 1st are eligible for pro-rated dues their first year.

NEW MEMBERS - The West Liberty Gun Club will email you the

invoice with the exact amount you owe for your membership.

(Payment Options - pay electronically using the link provided or by check via USPS Mail)

Checks should be mailed to: 

West Liberty Gun Club

P.O. Box 244

West Liberty, IA 52776

 West Liberty Gun Club is a 100% NRA Gold Club. This means membership in the NRA is required of all club members (except junior members) who wish to have a membership with voting privileges. NRA membership may be obtained or renewed at a reduced rate through the West Liberty Gun Club. If you do not have at least a year of membership in the NRA remaining when you join or renew your West Liberty Gun Club membership, you are required to join or extend (renew) your NRA membership at that time.


 All new members joining the West Liberty Gun Club are required to take a one-time Orientation Class & Safety Quiz in order to attain full membership status. New members must complete the orientation class within 90 days of submitting their application and payment or their membership will be terminated, and no refund granted.




 Access to the club property is controlled by an automatic gate. Each member (except junior members) are issued an electronic key card for access to the club property. A $10 refundable deposit (per card) will be collected with your first membership dues for each card issued.


 All new members are considered “Provisional Members” until such a time they have completed all the membership application requirements. Those requirements include: Application completed and approved, proof of a current NRA Membership, confirmation that all membership dues are paid, completion of the Orientation Class, completion of the Safety Quiz, signed a Waiver for the range file along with all other required signatures to become a Full Member.


 Once all the membership application requirements are completed and verified the gate Key Card(s) will be activated and issued.


                                                            Lifetime Membership

 There is now an option to buy a Lifetime Membership to the West Liberty Gun Club. This will be at a cost of ten (10) times the current rate of the regular membership ($120 X 10 = $1,200*). If you would be interested in becoming a Lifetime Member, please contact for more details. Your NRA Membership will still need to be renewed yearly with a lifetime membership to be considered a member with voting privileges.


                                                        Adding Additional Members

 If you would like to add an Associate, Junior or Collegiate Membership to your existing Regular Membership please email us at and we will walk you through that application process.


                                                                     Dues Structure

Regular Memberships                   $ 120 *


Associate Membership
(Spouse of Adult Member)           $  60 *


Senior Membership
(65 and Older)                                 $  48 *


Collegiate Membership
(Age 19-21)                                       $  48 *


Junior Membership
(Age 18 and Under)                        $  24 *


Gate Key Card(s)                             $  10 


NRA Full Membership                   $  35 *

(Includes Magazine)


NRA Associates Membership       $  10 *

(No Magazine)


(* Subject to Sales Tax)


 Please fill out the online membership application form by clicking the Membership Button below.


NEW MEMBERS - The West Liberty Gun Club will email you the

invoice with the exact amount you owe for your membership.

(Payment Options - pay electronically using the link provided or by check via mail)

 Mail payments by check for the membership dues to:


                                                                     West Liberty Gun Club

                                                                              P.O. Box 244

                                                                      West Liberty IA 52776


 A State issued ID will need to be verified during this application process.


 The West Liberty Gun Club is always in need of volunteers. Reduced membership rates when renewing are available to individuals who perform volunteer work for the club in some circumstances. 

​ For more details, and getting approvals contact



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