New Member

Orientation Class



  1. New Members are eligible to attend the Orientation Class after –



  • The Secretary confirms that the application process is complete.

  • The Treasurer confirms that all fees have been paid.

  • The New Member is provided (by Email or USPS Mail) a copy of the WLGC By-Laws, Range Safety Rules and the Orientation Safety Quiz.


  2. WLGC Orientation Class One (1) Hour (meet at the range safety officer office)

       (all times approximated and may vary)


  • 15 minutes – Personal interview(s) (multiple new members may attend at the same time) Gun handling experience, additional training attended, accolades, other memberships, military or LEO training.

  • 10 minutes - WLGC By-Laws & Range Safety Rules review, review the completed quiz and review areas needing more attention.

  • 20 minutes - Walk the range and go over commands, authorized target, ammunition and weapons allowed in what areas, safety review and club expectations.

  • 10 minutes – Q&A session, allow new members to ask questions.

  • 5 minutes – sign any documents not yet completed.


  3. Welcome the new member to the WLGC – Safety First, Last, and Always


  • Issue the Gate Key Card(s).

  • Explain to the New Member about events, matches and where they can find more details on the website.

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