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Range Rules


If there are any questions about these range rules,​ problems arise with other shooters or trespassers please contact West Liberty Gun Club Staff starting with the Chief Range Officer.

    In case of an EMERGENCY Call 911 first then contact West Liberty Gun Club Staff.

​Call 319-627-2295

Chief Range Officer - John VanDenover

Vice President - Doug Carden

President - Bruce Guither




The first concern of everyone at the West Liberty Gun Club is SAFETY!


M - A - T  (Muzzle, Action, Trigger)


(1).   MUZZLE:  Never point the muzzle of any firearm at another person or in an unsafe direction, even when unloaded.  KEEP THE MUZZLE POINTED DOWN RANGE AT ALL TIMES!

(2).   ACTION:  Always keep the action OPEN with magazine removed unless you are on the firing line and preparing to shoot.

(3).   TRIGGER:  Never put your finger into the trigger guard or touch the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire.



If you see anyone violating any of these rules, speak up!

If you are corrected for violating any of these rules, thank the person who corrected you!

(4).   Always assume that every firearm is loaded, unless you can see into the open action and prove it is not, or you can see an empty chamber indicator inserted into the open chamber.

(5).   Never load any firearm or insert a magazine or clip into a firearm until you are on the firing line and prepared to fire and have determined that there is no one ahead of the firing line.

(6).   NO GUN SHOULD BE TOUCHED OR HANDLED WHEN ANYONE IS AHEAD OF THE FIRING LINE.  All shooters should clear their firearms (unload and make safe), place them down on the bench with the action open and an empty chamber indicator in place if possible, and step back from the firing line, before the line is declared safe and shooters may go forward.  No one should approach the bench until all personnel have returned behind the firing line, at which time the range may again be declared “hot.”


(7).   Loaded guns should never be set down on the bench.  (Never leave a loaded gun unattended ANYWHERE!)  If for some reason you wish to bench your gun without firing all cartridges in the gun, unload it and make it safe (magazines removed, action open, empty chamber indicator in place if possible) before putting it down on the bench.  When benching any gun, it should be pointed downrange!


(8).   Always determine that your firearm is in safe working order, that the bore is not obstructed and that you are using safe and proper ammunition.


(9).   Always respect other shooters while on the range.  Before commencing fire, be certain that no one is ahead of the firing line and that others on the range know you intend to fire.


(10).   All shots fired at the WLGC must be aimed. This means use the sights for each shot fired.  Rapid firing is permissible, but those who wish to empty their magazines as fast as possible without regard for their target should find another place to shoot.


(11).   All shots must be fired at an appropriate backstop. No shots should be impacting the ground or be aimed over a berm. Shotguns may be fired into the sky on the trap range between the designated angles allowed for clay targets.


(12).   ANYONE may give the emergency range command “CEASE FIRING.”  If you see a hazardous or unsafe condition, you may use this command to stop all shooting immediately.  If anyone tells you to cease firing, cease firing immediately, maintain control of your firearm, point it upward with finger off the trigger, and await further instructions.


(13).   As firearms suppressors have been declared legal to possess in the state of Iowa, use of suppressed firearms at the West Liberty Gun Club is henceforth permitted only under certain circumstances.  There is inherent hazard in use of suppressors in that others may be unaware of active shooting taking place.  First and foremost, ALL range rules must be scrupulously followed, just as with any other firearm.  During public shooting hours, anyone wishing to shoot a suppressed firearm must report this fact to the Range Officer on duty, and indicate which range will be used.  (The RO may direct the shooter to use a specific range if the range is busy or for other reasons of safety.)  If a range is being used by other shooters, they must all be notified that the shooter will be shooting a suppressed firearm.  Extreme caution must be used, as others may be unaware of gunfire which is suppressed.



W.L.G.C. personnel (Range Officers, Club Officers, Board Members) are here to assist you to the best of their abilities, and are responsible for the club.  They are "in charge" when on the property, and their control of the W.L.G.C. ranges is not to be disputed.  If there is a dispute, follow their instructions, then report your concerns to a club officer.


(1).   W.L.G.C. personnel reserve the right to inspect any firearm or ammo at any time and to prohibit the use of either or both.  W.L.G.C. personnel reserve the right to close any or all ranges when an unsafe or hazardous condition exists.


(2).   Be aware that any and/or all ranges may be closed to member shooting in the event of scheduled matches or instruction, reservation by law enforcement or other sanctioned groups, maintenance, etc.  As far as is reasonably possible, matches, maintenance work, and other activities which will close one or more ranges to member shooting will be posted on the club calendar, viewable at the website:  www.westlibertygunclub.org


(3).   Be aware of and courteous to other shooters.  If a range you wish to use is occupied, ask if you may join shooters already using the range, or wait until they are finished.  If you are using a range, make it available to other shooters if possible and safe to do so.


(4).   If you have questions about a firearm you intend to shoot, or if you are unfamiliar with any range procedures, ask the range officer on duty.  If none is present, do not shoot until you are able to have your questions answered.


(5).   Obey all range commands.  Again, if anyone tells you to cease firing, cease firing immediately, maintain control of your firearm, point it upward with finger off the trigger, and await further instructions.


(6).   Members who possess a valid Iowa concealed weapon carry permit may carry a loaded firearm on club grounds.  However, loaded firearms should NEVER be handled except on the firing line.  All others may ONLY load on the firing line, when it is safe to do so.


(7).   Shooters under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult or directly by the range officer on duty.


(8).   Persons on the range who do not observe these rules, who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who engage in horseplay or unsportsmanlike behavior will be required to leave the premises immediately, and may be subject to sanctions.




(1).   EVERYONE must use proper ear and eye protection when shooting on W.L.G.C. ranges, or when in the proximity of active shooters.


(2).   All members entering club property must swipe in at the gate with their membership card.  If other members or guests accompany the member who swipes in, they must be signed in at the sign-in station (see the yellow box past the gate).  All individuals entering club property must have a signed liability waiver on file.  (They may also be completed at the sign-in station.)  IF THE GATE IS OPEN WHEN YOU ARRIVE, all must sign in at the sign-in station.  (Exceptions:  1. During public hours, all users sign in on the Range Officer's daily log, not at the gate; and 2. During scheduled public matches, the gate will be open.  If you are participating in the match, you must check in with the match director.  If you are just coming to shoot, you must sign in at the sign-in station.)


(3).   Members may bring up to two guests at a time onto club grounds for shooting or observing.  No guest may be brought to the club more than twice per year.  MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY AND BEHAVIOR OF ANY GUESTS THEY BRING ONTO THE PROPERTY.


(4).   When leaving the property, make sure any building you accessed is locked and secure, and that the gate closes behind you.


(5).   Members should be prepared to show proof of membership (i.e. membership card) when requested by club personnel.  Don’t be offended; we can’t know everybody and range security is important.


(6).   Members whose membership has lapsed or expired may not shoot at the club until their membership is renewed, other than in sanctioned matches or public hours.


(7).   Incendiary, tracer, armor-piercing, explosive, steel core, and any illegal ammunition is not permitted on W.L.G.C. ranges.


(8).   Firearms with release triggers, bump stocks and fully automatic firearms are not permitted on W.L.G.C. ranges.  No rifles of .50 caliber or larger may be fired on WLGC ranges (except muzzle loaders and shotguns).  Not all ranges are suitable for all guns!  Each range has signage indicating appropriate guns and/or ammunition for that range.  DO NOT fire inappropriate firearms or ammunition on any range!


(9).   Hunting is not permitted on the range grounds.


(10).  Rifles firing rifle cartridges may only be used on the 100-yard range.  Rifles/carbines firing standard (straight-walled, non-magnum) pistol ammunition may be used on any range safe for center-fire handgun use.


(11).   All steel targets are designed for specific ammunition based on their construction.  Use of ammunition more powerful than they are designed for WILL DAMAGE OR DESTROY THEM.  Silhouette and reactive targets to the south on the 100 yard range are for .22 caliber rim-fire (not magnum) ammunition only!  .17 caliber rimfire and .22 magnum are far more destructive than .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges.  They may NOT be used on targets or ranges which are indicated for .22 rimfire only.  Other steel targets are designed for standard centerfire handgun ammunition.  Firing center-fire rifle cartridges at any steel target or apparatus (not designed for such), or firing too-powerful handgun cartridges at them, will cause irreparable damage to club property.  Currently there are center-fire steel targets located at the back of the 100-yard rifle range.  These targets are designed for center-fire rifle.  Please be sure the steel targets you are shooting are designed for your ammunition and firearm.  If you damage club property by accident, you should volunteer to pay for damages. ANYONE caught damaging club property could face serious sanctions up to and including expulsion from the club or civil/criminal prosecution! 


(12).   Paper, cardboard, clay bird, metallic silhouette and similar targets may be used on W.L.G.C. ranges as appropriate.  Pop cans, plastic jugs, steel spinners and small reactive targets may be authorized for use as targets in special circumstances, and must be removed and/or properly disposed of after shooting.  Glass bottles and other trash are not to be used as targets.  No incendiary or explosive targets of any type may be used on WLGC ranges.


(13).  The trap range and the north practical pistol range cannot be used at the same time.  Both will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis except for scheduled matches and prior reservations.


(14).   Range equipment is for everyone’s use and enjoyment.  Always return firearms, clips, slings, target stands, spotting scopes, mats, unused targets, silhouettes, etc. to their proper places.  Report any damage to the Range Officer on duty.


(15).   Shooters are expected to clean up after themselves.  Sweep/police all brass on indoor range, police empty hulls on the trap range, etc.  Throw away used paper targets.  Do not leave empty ammo boxes or other trash around—throw it away!


(16).   When leaving, make sure all lights are off, heater is turned off and unplugged (winter), fan is turned off (summer), and all locks are locked.


(17).   In addition to these rules and policies, other rules and policies may be posted from time to time in and around club property.  Such posted policies are to be followed at all times.




        Insofar as the indoor range is under construction, it is not to be used at this time.  Access is restricted to range personnel and contractors.  When the range is finished and opened for shooting, new rules and policies regarding its use will be posted and added to these Range Rules.




  1. All WLGC range rules apply to use of the pistol bays, along with these additional restrictions.

  2. SAFETY IS OUR FIRST CONCERN!  All shooters must make every effort to contain all shots within the bay.  All shots should strike the berm or an approved steel or paper target.

  3. NO ONE may climb or walk on the berms at any time.  (Exception:  Range personnel inspecting the ranges when NONE are in use.)

  4. Except during matches and sanctioned events steel targets should be used only in the westernmost bays and shall be placed as far forward into the bay as possible.

  5. Targets should be placed as far forward into the bay as is possible.  Shooting should be done from as far forward within the bay as is possible (while maintaining a safe distance from targets).  Under NO circumstances should shots be made from any position not having side berms extending behind the shooter on both sides.

  6. No center fire rifle cartridges may be fired in the pistol bays.  (Exception:  Certified instructors may fire and supervise the firing of center-fire rifle cartridges in bay 6 [furthest west] only, during sanctioned instruction.)  Rifles or carbines firing straight-walled non-magnum pistol cartridges may be used in the bays.

  7. Shotgun use in the pistol bays is restricted to specifically designated shotgun targets only.  Shotguns should never be fired into the air except on the trap range.  Slugs may only be fired on the 100 yard range.

  8. Shotguns used in the pistol bays should fire no shot larger than #7-1/2.

  9. During scheduled events, the bays are considered COLD RANGES.  No loaded firearms are permitted except at a designated loading bench or on the firing line under the supervision of range personnel.  Unloaded firearms may be holstered but may only be handled in designated safe areas, where no ammunition is permitted.

  10. All range equipment, props, benches, etc. are to be treated with respect.  No equipment, props, etc. may be used without permission.

  11. Please leave the bays cleaner than you found them.  Return all equipment to its proper place and dispose of all trash.

  12. Please note, south pistol bays are subject to flooding.  When the bays are wet, please do not drive into the bays.  Your vehicle tires will leave ruts in the bays that will become a problem when the surface dries.


       BE SAFE!                                  SAFETY FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS

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